Matlab/Octave staircase code now available on GitHub

Since first writing my object-oriented staircase routine, I have found plenty of use for it both in my own research and in lending it out to others. Previously, I had only made the code publicly available on blog posts here, which was less than ideal for a few reasons, including:

  1. There was insufficient capacity to put up additional code with working examples etc.

  2. Incremental updates to the code were a hassle to publish.

  3. There was no easy way to cite the use of the code in projects.

I have now removed the code from those posts and replaced it with a link to a GitHub repository: MatlabStaircase

I have also paired the project with Zenodo, so that each “release” of the code (starting with v0.9.0, the version taken from my blog post) will be citeable with a DOI. If you use the code in your project then please do cite it. The current version is:

Alex S Baldwin. (2019, July 2). alexsbaldwin/MatlabStaircase: v0.9.0 (Version v0.9.0). Zenodo.

This move also fits in with an overall shift I am trying to make towards more “open science” practices. Hopefully I will be able to tell you more about those soon.