I sometimes write, produce, and perform music as a hobby.


While studying at Keele University I helped run the Musicians Society and was also involved with the Folk Club. I met many great musicians there, and had the privilege of working together with some of them.

Here is a song that Matt Tyrer wrote and I produced/arranged/recorded (except for the vocals, which are Matt's). He had previously recorded a very different version for his Pure Light EP.

Solo work

This ambient-sounding track was originally a loop of non-intrusive sounds I made to drown out an irritating neighbour. I couldn't resist putting additional layers onto it though, and eventually ended up with a finished-sounding piece.

This is a recording of a piece of music that was shown on paper in an online comic. Other readers were asking what the music would sound like, so I recorded a version (with a few extra parts).

This track is based on the "broken hard-drive techno" cliché. Samples of failing and broken hard-drives are brought together with other noises in an attempt to make "music" out of it. This was designed to be played on a setup with many large speakers. As a result of this, the stereo version features parts that will be out of phase if played in mono (i.e. it will sound bad on a mono laptop speaker), and the channel separation from wearing headphones makes the stereo effects clumsily dramatic. Also there's a lot going on in the bass, so if you play it on a speaker without good bass response you'll miss a lot of what is going on


This is a recording of my first live performance at the Keele University Folk Club. Unfortunately I broke a nail halfway through. The song is Heartsong by Gordon Giltrap.

This is a recording of a more recent performance with my friend Sam Hayler. The song is Ticket Taker by The Low Anthem.